Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Cowboy’s Surprise Baby by Deb Kastner

In The Cowboy’s Surprise Baby a hometown Texas reunion leads to unexpected love. After years away serving his country, Cole Bishop finally returns home – with a newborn baby in tow. As a single dad, Cole needs help. But the last thing he expects to encounter at his new job is his high school sweetheart – all grown up and more beautiful than ever.
Tessa Applewhite might have broken Cole’s heart years before, but she’s never forgotten him. And he can wrangle her heart like no one else ever has. But Tessa rejected him when the stakes weren’t nearly as high. Can Cole trust her again – and in the process, form a forever family?

Title: The Cowboy's Surprise Baby | Series: Cowboy Country #3 | Author: Deb Kastner | Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired | Category: Inspirational  |Source: MLM Media Relations | Rating: 3.5

When Cole Bishop learns that he’s a father, he knows the best thing he can do is move back to his hometown. He’s knows that there is going to be questions about his marital state, but he knows the love and support his community will give him is the best thing for him and his young son. What he didn’t expect was that he would be working alongside, Tessa Applewhite, the girl who broke his heart. While the two awkwardly navigate each other, they draw closer together as they aid a teen whose story mirrors their own.
This was a little slow for me but I thought it was nice little clean romance.
Tess and Cole had a history, they were high school sweethearts and it ended badly. Now they are working together and while it was awkward, you could tell they still cared for each other and the chemistry was still there.
The plot was nice but like I said. It was a little slow and I found my attention wandering from time to time. The characters were engaging.
Overall, it was a touching little clean romance. I would have liked to have been able to connect to the story a bit more but it was still enjoyable.

 Deb Kastner is an award-winning author who writes stories of faith, family and community in a small-town western setting. Deb’s books contain sigh-worthy heroes and strong heroines facing obstacles that draw them closer to each other and the Lord. She lives in Colorado with her husband. She is blessed with three grown daughters and two grandchildren. She enjoys spoiling her grandkids, movies, music, reading, musical theater and exploring Colorado on horseback.

Folks in Serendipity, Texas love to socialize and will make any excuse for a potluck celebration. The annual June BBQ is a key setting in The Cowboy’s Surprise Baby and is actually the catalyst in the plot.
Serendipity potlucks aren’t organized, yet there’s always more than enough great country cooking in every category, from salads to main dishes to desserts.
Phoebe Hawkins from Cup O’ Jo’s Café is a world-class baker whose pies and pastries are renowned throughout Serendipity, but there’s always room for more. Here’s a recipe for an ooey, gooey Earthworm Mud Pie.
1 Large Package Oreos
1 Jar Hot Fudge Topping Sauce
2 Cups Milk
1 Large Box Chocolate Pudding Mix
1 Small Bag Gummy Worms
1 Can Spray Whipping Cream
Crush the Oreos in a large bowl, leaving 10 aside for topping. Mix the hot fudge into the Oreos to a dough-like consistency. Mash Oreo mixture into a pie tin on bottom and sides. Let sit in refrigerator while mixing other ingredients.
In a large bowl, mix chocolate pudding mix and milk according to the pie instructions on the pudding box. Crush 5 Oreos (not too finely) and mix them into the pudding. Pour the pudding mixture into the pie tin over the crust. Let sit in refrigerator for 1 hour.
Remove pie from refrigerator and place on counter. Press several gummy worms into pie mixture, some all the way, some sticking out a little. Spray whipped cream in a swirl pattern on the edges of pie. Crush remaining 5 Oreos (not too finely) and sprinkle over top of pie. Place 3-5 gummy worms on top of pie. Serve chilled.

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