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Fangs for the Memories by Molly Harper

How did Andrea and Dick Cheney fall in love? Join Half-Moon Hollow’s favorite couple for a trip down memory lane—to a time when Mr. Wainwright was newly dead, Jane Jameson was a newbie vampire, and a budding paranormal romance was not yet uncorked…
Half-Moon Hollow’s supernatural social event of the season—Zeb’s Titanic-themed werewolf wedding—is coming up, and Dick Cheney (not that Dick Cheney!) needs a date. But Andrea’s had enough of clever, handsome, and rakish to last a lifetime, and Dick Cheney is certainly not the sort of man you bring home to mom (not that Andrea’s deadist parents are speaking to her ever since she dropped out of college and became a blood surrogate.) Shameless, relentless, roguish, with a Stetson-worthy swagger, a naughty sparkle in his eyes, and a constant smirk—oh, and fangs—no, Dick is the last person (er…vampire) Andrea wants to date.
But the infuriatingly irresistible man who lives quietly on the edge of a criminal underworld knows exactly what he wants, and once he surprises Andrea with a thrilling hot and dirty kiss behind the paranormal bookshop, she knows what she wants too: Dick. All it takes to ignite their unconventional courtship is a near-undeath experience that confronts Dick with a choice between turning Andrea, losing her forever, or tapping into his countless shady resources in this hilarious and heartwarming e-novella that revisits the early days of Molly Harper’s Nice Girls series.
Title: Fangs for the Memories | Series: Half-Moon Hollow Novella | Author: Molly Harper | Publisher: Pocket Star | Release Date:  November 2, 2015| Genre: Paranormal Romance| Source: Publisher | Rating: 4

I love Dick Cheney, the vampire, and I’ve always been curious to see how he and Andrea became a couple, so I was over the moon when I discovered Fangs For The Memories was coming out.
Here’s what’s going on. Dick is distraught over Mr. Wainwright’s passing so, he kisses Andrea behind the paranormal bookstore, then invites her to Zeb’s Titanic-themed werewolf reading (yes, you read that right it, the Titanic-themed wedding was so so bad but so so good.). Andrea is just coming out of bad relationship, she’s been disowned by her parents because she is a blood surrogate for vamps, and she knows that Dick—and his funny but lewd t-shirt collection—should be off-limits. Although when a feeding goes awry leaving Andrea nearly dead, Dick will do anything in his power to save her. Now she’s seeing Dick in a whole new (yet sunlight-free) light.

And then I met Dick Cheney.
The carefully constructed walls I’d built around my heart cracked with each single-entendre he sent my way. Yeah, he was a criminal and a bit of a pervert, but he made me want to be wanted again. I found myself looking forward to every little interaction with him as an indulgence. It was like ice cream. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but it made me feel better. As long as he stayed in little box marked “Nope!” I was safe.

So, let me start by saying that this novella is a flashback. It occurs in the middle of Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men, which is the second book in the ‘Nice Girls’ series (it’s the one with Titanic-themed wedding). While you don’t necessarily need to read books 1 and 2, I strongly suggest that you do to get the whole Dick Cheney experience.
While I love each of Half-Moon Hollow’s odd yet endearing residents, Dick Cheney has always been my favorite. You never really know what he’s going to do or what his t-shirts are going to say but you’re going to have fun finding out. He’s a bit of a pervert kind of a criminal yet there’s something about him that makes you root for him.
Andrea is fun with a wickedly sharp tongue. She’s kind of in relationship limbo at the moment because her last boyfriend was a complete and utter wanker and while she’s strangely attracted to Dick, he’s not exactly the undead guy that you would go running to for a stable relationship. Yet she can’t seem to help herself from falling.

There was a nice strong chemistry between Dick and Andrea and it was fun watching how their relationship started. Although what I really loved about this novella was seeing a new side of Dick. While he’s still a bit of rake, there’s also a kind and caring side to him that occasionally decides to peek out from time to time. And I really enjoyed watching him take care of Andrea. 

“What? Why?” I asked, shaking my head. “Why did you even come over?”
“You weren’t making any sense and I knew you wouldn’t drink on a night you were doing a feeding, I was afraid something like this had happened.”
“And you just happened to know a guy who had access to the rarest blood type in America?”
“I might’ve had some set aside at the blood bank for you, just in case.”
“You had a backup plan just in case a client drained me?”
Dick shrugged. “I have backup plans for the people and things that are important to me.”

Overall, Fang For The Memories is the perfect addition to Molly Harper’s wickedly brilliant Half-Moon Hallow series. Grab a hot cuppa tea—or coffee—curl up in your favorite chair and prepare to fall in love with Dick Cheney, the vampire.

Have you read Molly Harper?

If so, who is your favorite resident of Half-Moon Hollow?
If not, who is your lovable vamp?

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