Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Product Review: Janlynn Peejay Sock Monkey Kit

Easy to make, the completed soft toy will be an adorable addition to your kid's toy collection. Simply follow the easy-to-understand instructions included in this sewing kit to bring your very own creation to life. It's a great gift for Christmas or other occasions, and you also have the option to adopt the cute toy!

Brand: Janlynn

Source: Janlynn review program

Price: Depending on the store, it ranges from $12.99-$19.99

Here’s what the kit includes: two socks, buttons, cotton floss & felt, flannel, pom-pom, embroidery needle, fabric, and pattern/ instructions.

Here’s what you need to add: thread and fiberfill.

Time to complete: about 1-2 hours (depending on if you use a sewing machine)

I was a little surprised when this sock monkey kit showed up in my mailbox for review. It’s a bit out of the norm of what I normally review but I thought why not give it a go.
So, I’ve never made a sock monkey before and I had no idea how to go about making one, but the instructions were clear and very easy to follow, Basically, you cut out the patterns then trace them onto the socks, cut them out, sew them together, stuff, and assemble. The kit provides the pattern for the monkey, the clothing (the clothing for this kit was a night hat and slippers), and a little bear.

Since the patterns were relatively small, I sewed them together by hand using a straight stitch and it took a little over an hour. I used a whipstitch to put the parts together and that took about thirty minutes. I could have cut the time in half by using my sewing machine, I was just too lazy to get it out of the closet.
Unfortunately, this is not a complete kit. You will need to buy thread and fiberfill to go along with it—so, if you don’t have the items on hand, you’ll be spending an extra $5-$10 depending on what type of fiberfill you use. I used a standard fiberfill stuffing that I had in my craft closet.

Rather than making the dress items from the pattern that was included, I used a piece of black felt and some cotton fabric that I found in my fabric scraps and turned him into a pirate to jazz him up a bit. I didn’t have a pattern for the pants or the vest, I just sort of winged it. For the hat, I just sketched out a pattern on light cardstock, then covered the brim with felt and stitch the pieces together.
Overall, this was an easy project. Probably not something I would have bought for myself because I’ve never really had the urge to make a sock monkey before this kit arrived although it would make a good gift, just remember to buy the thread and the fiberfill to go along with it.

What’s your craft of choice?


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