Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer on Firefly Lake by Jen Gilroy

Mia Gibbs spent her marriage putting her husband's needs before her own. And now, after a painful divorce, she's building a new life for herself and her two daughters back home at Firefly Lake. The last thing she needs is a man to complicate things. But former bad boy turned friend Nick McGuire-and the one kiss they've shared-has turned everything upside down . . .

 Attorney Nick McGuire wasn't meant to be a family man. His career has always been his focus and after taking time out to help his mother, he's ready to get back to the city . . . until Mia and her daughters arrive at Firefly Lake. Mia is beautiful and intriguing, and it doesn't take long to realize being "just friends" will never be enough. As the summer nights turn colder, Nick will have to choose between the life he's always wanted . . . and the woman he can't live without.

Series: Firefly Lake #2 | Publisher: Forever |  Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: Publisher| Rating: 1.5 Cups
Here’s what’s going on. When Nick hires Mia to help his mother clear out her house, he has no intentions of getting into a relationship with Mia. For one thing, he’s not interested in getting into a relationship and for another, he’s definitely not father material. Although there’s something about Mia he can’t seem to resist and when she’s willing to jump into a friends-with-benefits type of relationship, he’s not about to turn it down. While they’re both falling head over heels for each other, they’re both determined to fight it.
I really struggled with this book and it took me forever to finish it, honestly, I thought it was going to end up as a DNF, but I charged on and managed to finish it.
The pace of the book was really hard for me to get into. It started off slow, then went uneven, then picked up a bit, before going back to being uneven. I was sort of bored throughout most of it.
I couldn’t really get behind Nick or Mia. They spent most of the book being whiney and complaining about their lot in life and rather than going after what they wanted, which was each other, they fought it in the most annoying way then spent the book grumbling about it. Mia spent so much time doing this I’m an independent woman now that I’m divorced thing so it was a little annoying when her husband came back into her life and she sort of allowed him to walk all over her the first few times. Another thing that sort of irked me was how she let her youngest daughter be a rude brat and then made excuses for her. And Nick was all about his daddy issues and they got old really quickly.
Nick and Mia’s relationship was believable but I wanted to see more of it. Rather than just focusing on Nick and Mia, there’s the story of Kylie, the little girl in foster care, and Nick’s mom and the stranger she falls in love with. It almost felt as though there was too much going on.
Overall, this was one just wasn’t my cuppa tea.

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