Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Something to Stitch About: Tudor Cross Stitch Pattern from The Pointy End

Item: The Tudors Cross Stitch PDF Pattern
From: ThePointyEnd
Source: Purchased
Price: $5.38
Item Details: The Tudors are the most famous English monarchs, which is an achievement considering there are only five of them, over three generations.
This pattern has been created using the pictures on the English Heritage Playing cards as inspiration for the costumes.
I habitually use evenweave for my patterns, Aida would be fine although for the numbers you would have to pierce the fabric which might not look as good.
I would suggest using a darker colour fabric otherwise the white on Henry and Edwards legs won't show as well - my favourite is undyed evenweave which is dark cream/light brown but whatever you prefer.
Would I Buy From This Shop Again? Yes

So, this pattern was a total impulse buy. I was actually searching for a King Henry VIII scarf when I stumbled upon this digital cross-stitch pattern and thought I would give it go. Needless to say, my inner Tudor-addict rejoiced!
This was the first digital pattern that I’ve purchased (I normally just buy the kits) so I had to do a bit of hunting and gathering. I had the floss on hand so all I had to buy was the fabric. I went to several stores and couldn’t find evenweave, so I ended up buying Charles Craft Carolina Linen in sand (Aida 14 count). It was the darkest I could find and it worked well.
The pattern is in color-coded symbols and it was a first for me, normally the patterns I work only have symbols, so it was a nice change. It also made the pattern a bit easier to follow. There is one color (the one used for Mary’s dress) that’s blended/combined, the rest are just standard. Besides the basic cross-stitches, the only other stitch is a backstitch so it’s such a simple pattern this would be great for beginners. Another plus for me is that the floss used was DMC, it’s easier for me to find than Anchor.

I did make a few small changes. Because I couldn’t find  evenweave, I enlarged the numbers on the dates. I also added the Tudor time period at the top directly under ‘The Tudors’. Having worked the pattern, there is one change I wished I would have made and that’s swapping out the white floss for bright white. I think it would have stood out a bit more on the fabric I used.
Overall, this was an amazing pattern to work and the piece turned out so lovely. I’m really glad that I discovered this shop and I will definitely be buying more patterns from The Pointy End.

I wanted something a bit different for the frame, something that looked old but not primitive and not so manufactured looking. I searched through Pat Catan’s (craft store) and stumbled upon a read-to-decorate wood photo frame from Darice that was under five bucks. I also purchased two sets of decorative wood dingbats.

Putting the frame together was quick. I used an industrial wood glue to glue the dingbats on, clipped them in place, then let it dry overnight. I then mixed together royal gold and black acrylic paint to make an antique gold and painted on a few coats and let it dry overnight. Lastly, I painted on a black walnut ceramic antiquing allowed it to set for ten minutes then rubbed it off. I let the antiquing to dry for two days then sprayed it with a glossy sealer.
I mounted my cross-stitch on a Needle Art peel and stick mounting board from Savage.

What’s in your sewing box?


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