Monday, March 30, 2015

In Bed with the Bachelor by Megan Crane

Our latest bachelor has enough family in Marietta to qualify as an honorary native, but hails instead from Seattle, WA, which is where he’ll fly you for a glamorous weekend on the shores of the sparkling Puget Sound. Jesse Grey will treat you the way a local boy turned construction tycoon should: five star accommodations, gourmet dinners, and celebrated Washington wines. We just can’t promise he’ll smile much. Or at all.
Sold to the highest bidder!
Jesse Grey, notorious bachelor and one of Seattle’s foremost construction tycoons, has been roped into participating in the Marietta Bachelor Auction thanks to an expertly executed guilt trip laid out by his family.
Michaela Townsend already has a fiancé and certainly doesn’t need another man in her life. So when her family buys her surly, sexy Jesse at the auction and wrangles him into driving her from Montana to Seattle, she’s appalled yet disturbingly attracted.

As far as Jesse is concerned, Michaela is forbidden fruit. Even though he knows her fiancé isn’t all he seems, Jesse would never take what didn’t belong to him. But how long can he resist the one woman he shouldn’t touch?  

Series: Bachelor's Auction # 5 | Publisher: Montana Born | Source: Publisher | Rating: 2.5 Cups

Michaela Townsend’s family buys Jesse Grey’s date as part of her bachelorette party but rather than going on the date, Michaela’s family ropes him into driving her from Montana to Seattle, where hail both are from.

Due to the snowstorm, they end up trapped at a hotel. While both are attracted to each other, Jesse refuses to act on his attraction because Michaela—even though she claims she’s in an open relationship—is engaged.

I’ve loved this series, but I just couldn’t get into this book. It was a little weak and I found Michaela to be a bit annoying with her constant babbling.

I’ve always had a soft spot for broody guys—they’re my weakness—so Jesse was right up my alley. He’s gruff, broody, and barely cracks a smile. There’s a reason why he’s broody, but I won’t tell you what it is. It’s also the reason he refuses to act on his feelings for Michaela.

The chemistry between Michaela and Jesse occasionally popped up but there was so much internal dialogue that it bogged it down. Don’t get me wrong, I like to know what the characters are thinking but page after page of internal ramblings pulls me out of a book and makes the characters feel disconnected.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of Michaela’s view on relationships. She seemed like she was a smart cookie but, blimey, the fact that she allowed herself to believe what her fiancé was spewing about relationships just to justify his cheating done my head in. Seriously, if I hadn’t been reading this on my Kindle, I so would have chucked the book at the wall.

Overall, I think I would have liked this book so much more if the heroine would have been different and more external dialogue would have been added.

Bachelor Auction Series
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Book 5: In Bed with the Bachelor

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