Monday, March 9, 2015

30 Day Tea/Teapot Challenge Day 9

A friend challenged me to do a 30 days of Teas and Teapots challenge.  So, for the next 30 days, I will be posting the tea that I am drinking as well as the teapot I am using.
Feel free to play along and post the tea you are drinking and/or the teapot you are using. Just add your link in the comments or join in on the blog’s Facebook page Simply Angela. On Twitter, use the hashtag #SimplyAngelaTeaChallenge

Teapot/Tea Challenge Day 9 Pomegranate Oolong Tea & Victoria and Albert Teapot


Tea: Harney and Son Pomegranate Oolong—this is made with Ti Quan Yin oolong and flavored with pomegranate. The blend is perfect—the oolong is very smooth with just the slightest bite at the end and the pomegranate is so fresh and bright tasting you’d think you just plucked it from the tree.


They say that oolong helps you to focus, so if I have a deadline coming up, I’ll brew a large pot of this to keep on hand. It’s also one of those teas that’s nice hot or cold. In the summer, I always have a pitcher of this in the fridge.


Teapot: Spring Garden from the Victoria and Albert Fine China Collection. This is such an adorable teapot that immediately makes me think ‘spring’ and after the winter we’ve had, I am so looking forward to spring.


I love the design and the fact the print continues on the handle rather than just leaving it white. The shape of it is nice as well. It had a lovely drip-free spout and the lid has a tongue and groove pattern on the inside so that it latches when the teapot is being poured. 


Cup and Saucer: Okay, so the cup is nearly as large as the teapot, but it’s one of my favorites and has a nice bowl saucer.

I picked this set up at my local art museum. It’s a Kent Pottery piece that has Monet’s "Field of Poppies" printed on it.


GraceMyBookSnack said...

This is an adorable post! I love tea! I should stop by more often this month to see what you post in the challenge. :)

Sophia Rose said...

Haha! Yes, the cup is almost the size of the pot, but they are both so adorable.