Monday, March 2, 2015

30 Day Tea/Teapot Challenge Day 7

A few days ago, a friend challenged me to do a 30 days of Teas and Teapots challenge.  So, for the next 30 days, I will be posting the tea that I am drinking as well as the teapot I am using.
Feel free to play along and post the tea you are drinking and/or the teapot you are using. Just add your link in the comments or join in on the blog’s Facebook page Simply Angela. On Twitter, use the hashtag #SimplyAngelaTeaChallenge

Teapot/Tea Challenge Day 7 Tea: Henry’s Earl Grey from Steep Show Teas and Henry VIII teapot by James Sadler 


Hello Lovelies! I hope all of you are well and wonderful. So, the piece finally came in for my stove/oven and yay! it’s finally fixed, which means I finally have a pot of tea larger than a thimble!


Today I decided to combine my love of tea with my love of all things Henry VIII, plus I get to show off one of my favorite mugs—and actually use it.


Tea: Henry’s Earl Grey Tea by Steep Show Teas—it’s a blend of Indian and Ceylon black tea infused with bergamot. I’ve had this tea for a few years—I think it was a birthday or Christmas present—and actually forgot that I had it so I was pleasantly surprised to find it sitting in the back of my tea cabinet.


I’m a huge fan of Earl Grey teas but they have to be blended just right or the bergamot will start to taste like perfume. While this one is blended right, it leaves a bitter aftertaste, which is probably why it was in the back of the cabinet.


Teapot: Henry VIII James Sadler Characters of Britain Teapot—living in the States, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a James Sadler teapot, so when I found this is one at an estate sale, I had to have it.


This is the first time that I’ve used the teapot. The spout pours nicely and it holds a decent amount of water, but due to the shape of the interior of the teapot, I would only use it for water because it would be nearly impossible to clean the tea out from the inside.


Mug: The Disappearing Wives of Henry VIII—I love this mug. I’ve had it for years—purchased from BBC—and I’ve never used it. It’s a neat little thing. When hot water is added, the wives disappear. A little morbid, but utterly neat.



shelleymunro said...

I love the disappearing wives mug and the Henry cup. Very different! I tried an Earl Grey tea a while ago, and the bergamot was so strong I haven't drunk Earl Grey since. I do like Lady Grey though, which is quite a bit milder. I'm enjoying your tea posts. They're fun :)

Angela @ Simply Angela said...

I love Lady Grey as well. Have you tried a white Early Grey? Harney and Sons have a nice Winter White Earl Grey--it's a Mutan white tea with bergamot but the bergamot isn't as strong. I'm so glad you're enjoying the tea posts! Thanks for stopping by!

Silver's Reviews said...

I missed a few days of your tea party...will have to go back and check.

I love the mug and the title of the mug...LOL!! Too cool that the wives disappear.

Quite unique.

I drink Earl Grey.

ENJOY your day.

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