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One More Kiss by Kim Amos

Betty Lindholm doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. The banner advertising the new shipment of satin at her fabric store finally arrived and now the entire town of White Pine is up in arms. How was she supposed to know there'd be a typo? Now the entire town thinks she's proclaiming "Satan is here!" Even the gorgeous pastor with his steel-grey eyes and sexy smile . . .
Pastor Randall Sondheim is always on the lookout for excuses to drop by Betty's shop and gaze into her lovely blue eyes. The latest is her crazy sign-could that be a sign of something more? Sweet Betty brings out the best in him but it's the worst in him, his dark secret tragedy, that worries Randall. Can this man of God conquer his own demons to win a match made in heaven?
Title: One More Kiss | Series: A White Pine Novella | Author: Kim Amos | Publisher: Forever Yours | Release Date: 10/6/2015 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | Source: | Rating: 4

One More Kiss was such a fun little romance.
Here’s what’s going on. Thanks to a typo, the banner for Betty’s fabric shop reads ‘Satan Is Here’ rather than ‘Satin Is Here’, which has attracted the attention of not only the town, but Pastor Randall as well. Randall has been using every excuse he can think of to stop by Betty’s fabric shop and now the sign has given him the perfect excuse to spend more time with her. While they are attracted to each other, a dark secret from his past has the potential to keep them apart. Will he give in to the love he feels for Betty? Or will he walk away to keep her safe.
This was a really quick little novella. Seeing as it takes place near Halloween, it’s the perfect 40-minute read for this time of year.
Betty and Randall were both extremely likable characters. They both had past issues that they needed to overcome to move on and I really wanted to see them achieve their happily ever after.
Betty’s issues stem from lack of confidence when she was a teenager and like most small towns, her rival from high school is still around causing trouble.  I normally have a problem with heroines that have self-worth/confidence issues, but I really liked Betty. Of course, there were a few times I wanted to shake her and tell her she was an adult, but when all was said and done, I found that Betty was a worthy heroine.
A dark secret led Randall to the seminary and he fears if he gives in to what he’s feeling for Betty he will lose control. When he first came to town, he kept his distance from Betty—he put on a cold stony front but now he realizes that there’s something more between them. He feels as though he’s balancing between light and darkness and his struggle made for an interesting read.
The romance between Betty and Randall went from attraction to lust to instant love in less than 60 seconds, and while I would have liked to have seen them slow down a bit, it actually worked.
One thing they didn’t lack was chemistry. The book was ablaze with it and when they finally gave in, it was rather explosive. One thing I do want to mention is if you’re thinking that this is an inspirational romance due to Randall being a pastor, it’s not. Pastor Randall does indeed get in touch with his randy side and there is more than just heavy petting in this book.
Overall, I really liked this one. For a super short novella, the characters and the plot were nicely developed. There’s also a dash of mystery in the form of Halloween pranksters.

Series Alert: While this is part of the White Pines series, this novella works brilliantly as a standalone

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