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Quote-tastic: Tall, Dark, and Immortal by Cat Devon

Quote-tastic is weekly meme Monday meme hosted by the fabulous Anna over @ Herding Cats& Burning Soup. To participate, simply post your favorite quote from a recent read.
I’ve been wanting to participate in this meme for eons now and finally decided to jump in.
He was the next vampire on her grandfather’s hit list. She’s a reporter looking for answers that could cost her her life. While they don’t trust each other, they can’t seem to fight their attraction.
“Favorite author?” she asked him.  

“Lee Child,” he instantly replied. “What about you?”
“Jayne Ann Krentz.”
“I like her books, too.” He said before smiling and adding, “You seem surprised.”
“I am. She writes romances.”
“I know she does. I like romances.”
“You do?”
He nodded again. This time a lock of his dark hair tumbled over his forehead giving him a bad-boy roguish look. “You couldn’t tell by the way I kissed you?”

He reads romances and plays go fish? Yeah, Alex may be a vamp but he is definitely a keeper!


Alex Sanchez is more than just an ordinary detective. He's on the prowl--as a vampire. Alex uses his unique gifts to police the mean streets of Chicago like a natural predator. But when he learns that local blood banks are being robbed, he's not sure what rattles him more: the bizarre crime wave or the stunningly beautiful journalist who's reporting it…



Keira Turner is dedicated to her job--and determined to uncover the truth. Dangerously, out-of-this-world handsome Detective Sanchez seems oddly fascinated by the crimes--and obsessed with Keira. Alex might not have a clue who's stealing blood but he's sure of one thing: Keira is no mere mortal. She's descended from a long line of vampire hunters. And if they try to solve this case together, he'll have to fight the urge to kiss her…or kill her.


Title: Tall, Dark, and Immortal | Series: Entity # 4 | Author: Cat Devon | Publisher: St. Martins |Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense | Source: Publisher | Rating: 3.5

When Keira Turner storms into the police station accusing Detective Alex Sanchez of being a vampire and demanding to know what he plans to do to stop the blood thefts, she never realizes how much trouble she’s attracting to herself.
Alex never thought he would be falling for the granddaughter of the most dangerous vampire hunter to have lived, but he is and now that Alex is keeping her close to protect her, he realizes that she is The One. Although there is a case to solve and dangerous vampires on the hunt for Keira, who knows where her grandfather’s journal is located, so that doesn’t really leave a lot of time for romance but that doesn’t stop the attraction between them.
So, this is the first book in the Entity series that I’ve read, and while it mentions things that previously occurred, this book works amazingly well as a standalone.
I liked Alex. He’s went through a vampy-kill-all-those-around-me phase when he was first turned then he finally regained his humanity and now he’s holding on tight to it. He kind of reminded me of Mitch from Being Human (BBC version).
Before he was turned, he wanted to protect people and after he got a handle on his urges, he went back to protecting both humans and vamps. Keira’s arrival put Alex in a bit of tight situation. He’s responsible for protecting Vamptown, he’s pledged an oath to do so but there’s something inside of him urging him to protect Keira as well. So, he’s finding it hard to stay true to his oath and protect someone who may be out to destroy him and his kind.
Keira is a reporter. She’s naturally inquisitive and occasionally it came off as annoying. Every time—and I mean EVERY time—someone asked her why she was questioning something, her reply was, ‘because I’m a reporter’. Yeah, I think we all picked up on that the first twenty times you told us.While she was a tad bit annoying, she was also exceedingly determined but had limited options because Alex was keeping her more or less captive in his apartment but she made sure she questioned the revolving door of characters that came in to babysit her.
She’s also hoping someone will shed some light on her grandfather and the fact that he was a vampire hunter. Although I do have to give Keira credit, her mother died, she just discovered that her recently deceased grandfather was a legendary vampire hunter, now she’s being held captive for her protection by a vampire who she has the hots for but she’s managed to hold it together without flipping her lid.
Alex and Keira had amazing chemistry and they were so good together. They had such an interesting and sexually charged relationship. One minute, they were hot for each other the next they were ready to kill each other. And the witty/snarky banter between them was the icing on the cake.
While this book built an amazing paranormal world that had a realistic vibe and included demons, vampires, time travel, and witches, some of the paranormal aspects, such as the changing tattoos, were brought up but never really explained. Also, there was so much talk about this legend and what it would mean for Keira and Alex’s relationship I was a kind of disappointed that, when it was revealed, it was a bit bland.
The suspense aspect of this book, even though it was obvious from the start, still kept me engaged as Keira and Alex searched for the culprit of the blood thefts. The villain of the book was indeed villainous, but he was also a bit trite in his approach.
I had a slight problem with the pacing. While the book started out strong and steady, it began to feel a bit jumbled as the ending neared. It felt as though the author tried to tie everything up all at once rather than let things play out naturally. Because of the rapid speed at the end, I had to question a few things that happened near the end as well as Alex and Keira’s willingness and quickness to forgive and overlook what had happened.
Overall, I really liked the romance between Keira and Alex. It kept me reading and their witty dialogue kept me entertained. While some of the issues, such as the legend regarding Keira and Alex and the suspense aspect could have been fleshed out a bit better, this was still a fun, quick, and sexy paranormal read.  


The Entity Series

1-The Entity Within
2-Sleeping with the Entity
3-Love Your Entity
4-Tall, Dark, and Immortal

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