Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday Favorites; My Favorite Books of 2019

While I didn’t meet my reading goal for 2019, I did switch up my reading a bit. While I still read romance, I ventured out into more cozy mysteries, psychological thrillers, and mysteries and found them to be a nice change from my normal reading. I also discovered several new-to-me authors that I’m eager to read more from.
Here’s my Favorite Books of 2019


Peace, Blood, and Understanding by Molly Harper by Molly Harper—It’s been a minute since there was a new Half-Moon Hollow book and I have to say this series is back with a bang as Erik and Meadow—two vastly different vampires—try to navigate a relationship while he’s bent on shutting down the council office.


Selkies Are a Girl's Best Friend by Molly Harper—It’s no surprise that yet another Molly Harper book made my favorite books of the year list. This time it’s the latest book from her Mystic Bayou series where Will, a secretive selkie shifter, finds himself falling for Sonja, a woman who both inquisitive and determined.


Justified by Jay CrownoverJay Crownover was a new-to-me author and I’m glad I gave her a go. Sheriff Case Lawton finds himself in an interesting predicament when he had no choice but protect his enemy Aspen Barlow.


Cowboy Rebel by Carolyn Brown—This series is one of my favorites by Carolyn Brown. Tag’s a rebel who throws caution to the wind and Nikki’s a play-it-safe nurse; they make an interest pair.


The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths—This was my first book by Elly Griffiths and I’m now hook on her Ruth Galloway Mysteries. Ruth’s a forensic archeologist aiding DCI Nelson with his case of two missing girls that has ties to an Iron Age sacrifice.


Penhale Wood by Julia Thomas—this was a gripping yet heart-wrenching mystery. Iris is back in the U.K. prodding DI Rob McIntyre to reopen her daughter’s murder case.


Mine by Courtney Cole—I wasn’t expecting to like this book but I was hooked from the first page. Tessa’s just discovered her husband’s been cheating on her. With a hurricane bearing down on them, Tessa lures the other woman to her house determine. Now each woman is determined to prove the he is theirs.


Magnolia Mystic by Lisa Kessler—this was such a fun an interesting romance; Skye’s a psychic and Colton’s an immortal pirate on the hunt for the missing Holy Grail.


Blink by K.L. Slater—I had this author on my ‘authors to read’ list for a few years and I was rather pleased with how addicting this one was. It’s a psychological thriller/suspense novel where a little girl has gone missing and the only person who knows what happened to her is a woman who is trapped inside herself with no means of communication.


Murders and Metaphors by Amanda Flower—this was a charming little cozy where clues are magically revealed through classic literature.


The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin—another new-to-me author that hooked me; after a falling out, Joanne guilts her three friends into spending a weekend in a remote cabin for her birthday and she promises it will be filled mysteries and surprises they won’t forget although none of them counted on a murder being a part of the party.

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