Thursday, January 30, 2020

January Empties

I bring a ton of beauty/skincare/makeup products in each month from subscription boxes, purchases, gifts, and review items so I thought I would start sharing my monthly empties. Not only will it be a place for me to share what I liked and didn’t like/what worked and what didn’t I thought it would hold me accountable to actually using up the mountain of products I received.


Face Masks
1—Sephora Collection Aloe Vera (Quenching & Replenishing) Sheet Mask—I picked up a set of the Sephora Collection masks on whim the last time I stopped in and, I have to say, even though this claims to be for dry skin, I found it to be very drying. I only left it on for 15 minutes and by the time I removed it the fiber mask was completely dry. I’ll not be buying this again.
2—Epielle Mermaid Sheet Mask (Glowing & Hydrating)—this was a fun little mask with a mermaid print on it that was very hydrating. I received this in a set of face masks for Christmas and I can’t wait to try out another one.
3—Simple Pleasures Collagen Sheet Mask—This was a nice moisturizing mask that I found at Walgreens in their Christmas display. I picked up several of these, which was a good thing seeing as they were only released as part of their Christmas collection.
4—Simple Pleasures Green Tea Sheet Mask—this was another mask that I picked up at Walgreens in their Christmas display and it was one of my favorites. I’m all for green tea in my skincare products—in fact, occasionally I was my face with green tea—and this one does calm my occasionally red skin. I went back and picked up several of these masks. Sadly, they were only part of their Christmas collection.
5—Aroh Centella Herb Cooling Mask—I received this one in my Facetory box and, while I liked it, I was a little disappointed that I had to refer back to the pamphlet that came in the subscription box to find an English version of the directions. The mask itself was nice but I’m not sure I’ll purchase this again as I have a horrible time keeping track of the direction pamphlet.
6—Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack—I’ve been trying to get into the habit of using sleep/overnight masks at least once a week for extra hydration and while this one was okay, I didn’t really see where it provided any extra moisture. It was basically an extra layer of thin lotion. I won’t be purchasing this product.
Eye Masks
1—SooAE Panda Eye Brightening Mask (Hydrates & Soothes)—this was a fun little mask that came in my IPSY bag. Not only was this a cute little panda mask, it hydrated my under eyes. I’ll be picking this one up again when I find it.
2—BLAQ Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask—I’ve had these for a while—they came in one of my FabFitFun boxes—and I just used my last one up. These are some of the best eye masks that I’ve used and I will be replacing them.
Foot Masks
1— Aveeno Repairing Cica Foot Mask (two packs)—I’m addicted to these. I put them on, pick up a book or pop in a movie, and just let my feet chill for a few hours. I find using these twice of month keep my feet hydrated. I have repurchased these and will do so again.
Hair Masks
1— Found Marumuru Balm-to-Oil Hair Mask (two packets): I picked this up on a whim at Wal-Mart, tried it, and fell in love. I’ve used two packets this month and I found they really hydrated my hair and tamed my wild locks. I picked up about 20 packets so I won’t need to be buying this in the near future but I will repurchase when I run out.
Face Cleansers
1—Farmacy Clean Bee—this is one of my favorite cleansers and I will be repurchasing this item.
2—Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser—I didn’t mind this cleaner but I found it a bit hard to clean off of my Foreo. I’m on the fence about buying this one again.
Body Wash
1-Rituals—The Rituals of Sakura Zensational Foaming Shower Gel—this was okay as a shaving gel but not something I would use as a body wash.
Face Lotions
1—Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion—I received this in my first FabFitFun box and finally managed to finish it. While it was a nice lotion, it wasn’t one of my favorites. I have one more tube to finish up and I won’t be buying this one again.
2—It Confidence in a Cream—I’m trying to use up all small lotions that I’ve received in my Ipsy bags. I really liked this one. It was nice and moisturizing. I’ll probably pick up a full size of this one when I need to repurchase moisturizer.
3—Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb—another one I received in my Ipsy bag. I’m not a massive fan of this cream. It doesn’t really sink into my skin but rather sits on top of my serum.  I’ve received several of these and have passed them on to my mom who enjoys this cream.
4—Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream (two containers)—these are some of my favorite moisturizers and I will be buying a full size of this product when I need to repurchase moisturizer.
Toner, Serum, Refreshers
1—Dickinson’s Toner with Rosewater—this is one of my favorite toners and I have repurchased this.
2—Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil—I loved this serum. It’s on the pricier side so I’m waiting for a sale before repurchasing it.
3—Bath and Body Works Pure Simplicity Acai Berry Face and Body Refresher—this is a nice refreshing spray that I keep in my yoga bag. I picked up several bottles of this—and a rosewater one— when they had their semi-annual sale and I haven’t seen it in stores since, which is a shame since I love this refresher.
Body Lotion
1-Bath and Body Works Champagne Apple and Honey—this was one the new fall scents I picked up and enjoyed it. I generally switch up my lotions to match the season but they’re all from Bath and Body Works.
1—Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume—this is one of my favorite perfumes and I actually received a replacement for Christmas.

1—Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous 220 Soft Honey Foundation—I used to like this foundation but not so much anymore. I finished this one and ended up tossing the other one I had.
2—Jesse’s Girl Eyeshadow Primer—this one wasn’t one of my favorite eyeshadow primers. I basically only used it on no makeup makeup days.
3—Kokie Prep Up Eyeshadow Primer—This is an okay drugstore eyeshadow primer. I have others that I prefer over it. I have another tube of this one and, after I finish that one up, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.
4—Kokie Fix it Up Matte Long Lasting Setting Spray—I don’t reach for matte setting sprays often, but this was a nice one. I have a ton of setting sprays so I don’t need to pick another one up.
5—Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Foundation in 201 Classic Beige—this is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. It wears perfectly and it’s the perfect shade to make my skin tone. I have repurchased this.
Essential Oils

1—Radha Beauty Lemon Essential Oil—I use this in my makeup brush cleaner and I have repurchased this.
2—Radha Beauty Bergamot Essential Oil—I also use this in my makeup brush cleaner and I have repurchased this.
3—LorAnn Oils Bergamot Essential Oil—this is one of my favorite food-safe essential oils and I will be replacing this one.

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