Wednesday, January 1, 2020

My Goals For 2020

The goals that I set for 2019 helped get me back on track, albeit it took a while for me to get my ducks in a row but I feel like I’m getting there. Most of my 2020 goals are a continuation/expansion of the goals I set in 2019.


As for my 2020 theme, I’m sticking with the Oscar Wilde quote I had from last year as a reminder that I don’t want a reinvention but rather I want to continue getting back to myself.


-Update the blog
-Be consistent with content
-Update GoodReads—I can’t seem to remember to post on GR
-Conquer NetGalley
-Add discussions to the blog
-Be consistent with blog visits
-Discover different blogs


-Tackle my TBR pile mountain
-Read from my shelf instead of buying more books
-Expand more with my reading
-Read more non-fiction
-Read more historical fiction
-Use the reading journals I received as gifts


-Replace my bookshelves so they match my new desk (I’ve been putting off this task for the simple fact I don’t want to put them together)
-Turn my bedroom closet into a makeup/dressing area. (I had a few plans drawn up in October but I still haven’t settled on one I really like)
-Replace the blinds in the entire house (This doesn’t seem like a daunting task but I have a Victorian house, which means most of my windows are floor-to-ceiling and irregular in size so they have to be custom-made.)
-Organize the attic  


-Take ‘Me’ Time (I really enjoyed this last year and I’m hoping to be able have more ‘me time’ this year)
-Meditate more                                            
- Do more yoga
-Remember to take my vitamins
-Learn something new
-Drink more water
-Focus on living greener
-Unplug now and again
-Take more pictures
-Do something profitable with my jewelry business

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